2x2 Power X-Quattrocharger 4A

Item number 4512102
  • Universal usability for all Power X-Change rechargeable batteries
  • Saving money, protecting the environment, and flexibility
  • Continuously parallel charging of two batteries
  • ensures fast, high availability + continuous working
  • Carrying handle for easy, effortless transport of 4 batteries
  • Suitable for mobile usage due to it's low weight
  • 4x battery slots combined with only 1x socket
  • saves space at worksite and at jobsite
  • 4-Amp fast-charging technology ensures shorter charging times
  • Permanent battery monitoring for optimum charging
  • Refresh mode allows deeply discharged batteries to be reactivated
  • Maximum safety due to intelligent charge management
  • Current information per battery on 6-stage status LED display

Technical data

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Mains supply220-240 V | 50-60 Hz
Output voltage18 V
Output current4 A
Product description
The Einhell 2x2 Power X-Quattrocharger 4 A charger gets four rechargeable batteries from the Power X-Change system series charged up even faster than ever. With one battery for all tools: Power X-Change rechargeable batteries can be used in all the craft tools and garden equipment from the high-performance system series from Einhell. The charger from the series can be used universally for every PXC rechargeable battery. The advantages to the customer are obvious: A single rechargeable battery and a single charger for all tools not only saves significant costs of buying, the universal use also helps to protect the environment and provides flexibility in the home and garden too. Continuous, simultaneous charging of two batteries saves space and leads to continuous work in addition to fast and high availability. This is supported by a carrying handle, which allows an easy and effortless transport of 4 batteries. Thanks to its low weight, the Quattrocharger is ideally suited for mobile use. Four battery slots can be used combined with only one socket, this saves space at worksite and at jobsite. The 4-Amp fast-charging technology ensures shorter charging times, and for optimum charging and maximum safety the battery is permanently monitored by an intelligent charging management system. There is a refresh mode for reactivating deeply discharged batteries. All up-to-the-moment information is provided per battery on the 6-stage charging level LED indicator.

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2x2 Power X-Quattrocharger 4A