Automatic Water Works

GE-AW 1042 FS

Item number 4177010
  • Water filling indicator
  • Big water filling screw
  • Dirt indicator
  • Suction indicator
  • Flow-Sensor with LED indication
  • Dry running protection
  • Scalding protection
  • Frost protection due to water drain screw
  • Thermo protection
  • Pre-filter with non-return valve
  • High quality metal suction- and pressure side connections
  • Additional, second pressure side connection
  • High quality mechanical sealings

Technical data

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Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Power1050 W
Max. delivery capacity4200 L/h
Max. delivery height / - pressure48 m / 4.8 bar
Max. suction height8 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Suction connection42mm (R11/4 AG)
Pressure connection33,3mm (R1 IG)
Power cord150 cm | H07RN-F
Product description
The Einhell GE-AW 1042 FS automatic domestic and garden water system with a 1,050 W power rating for extraction of clean water gives you an efficient way of saving water and reducing the water bill: In place of expensive mains water, the Einhell automatic domestic water system lets you use water from reservoirs, shafts, wells or cisterns for internal consumption in the home and for garden use as well. The automatic domestic water system has a practical intake and water filling indicator plus a large water filler and water drain screw to enable it to be made safe from frost. For checking the amount of dirt in the coarse filter at-a-glance, there is a dirt indicator. The flow sensor is equipped with an LED display. The automatic system is protected from damage by a range of safeguards, including the dry-run safeguard and a scald protection facility, thermostatic switch and a coarse filter with non-return valve. The high-quality intake and pressure connectors are made of metal. In addition, the automatic domestic water system has an additional second pressure connector and high-grade mechanical seals.

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GE-AW 1042 FS