Shredders from Einhell

Garden shredders turn branches into wood chips

Process tree and hedge cuttings into compost with shredders

When tending the garden – especially in spring and autumn – large quantities of cuttings tend to accumulate. But what can you do with this garden waste? A shredder provides a remedy and makes it possible not only to shred branch, tree and hedge cuttings, or other garden waste, but also to use them as compost or mulch. As practical helpers in the garden, Einhell offers knife shredders and silent shredders, each with an environmentally friendly electric motor. A blade shredder shreds the clippings with fast rotating blades and produces material that is particularly well suited for mulching. The silent shredder (also known as a roller shredder), as the name suggests, works particularly quietly by using a roller to shred and crush the shredded material. Silent shredders are robust, low-maintenance and produce first-class compost material.