Paint spray systems from Einhell

Spraying instead of painting – great results with minimal effort

Add a splash of colour to your life – with paint sprayers from Einhell

Whether you're moving into a new home or simply breathing a breath of fresh air into your own four walls – giving your walls a fresh lick of paint, varnishing furniture, and other painting work on DIY projects have one thing in common: You need plenty of time and the right kit. With a paint sprayer from Einhell, you can make painting and varnishing much easier! Tedious priming in hard-to-reach areas and time-consuming cleaning of rollers and brushes are a thing of the past with the paint spray systems. Working close to the ground and painting overhead are a piece of cake with the practical sprayers. You can spray on paint, varnish and glaze quickly, evenly and cleanly using as little material as possible – and it's also kind to your back, neck and shoulders. It couldn't be easier to add some colour to your life!