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A big story told briefly

This is Einhell Hellas S.A.

At the beginning of economic crisis in Europe and even more in Greece, where the market of industrial products still has serious difficulties to overcome, Einhell Hellas S.A. established on 21/12/2007.

Although Einhell Hellas S.A. has to deal with all the strong brand names of the global competition, Bosch, Black & Decker, De Walt, Makita etc. that hold all the preferences of the Greek consumer, we started decisively and without fear, but with respect to our competitors and we manage to gain a large market share in 10 years of operation.

Today Einhell Hellas S.A. employs 17 employees, serves all customers with 5 service points all over Greece territory, supplies with Einhell, KWB and Bavaria products 3 chain department stores as well as 120 traditional trade stores in Greece and Cyprus.

We keep going with respectfulness and care not only to our customers but also to our name!

Einhell Hellas Timeline:

  • 2007: "Einhell Hellas S.A." established
  • Covers the Greek market
  • Current: 17 employees
Our philosophy: High-quality products with unbeatable value for money and first class customer service. That is what Einhell Hellas stands for.

The success story from Germany

How Einhell became Einhell

When Josef Thannhuber in the beginning of the 1960s took over his uncle Hans Einhell's Installation business, he had no idea of the sort of success story he would one day write. Today more than 50 years later, Einhell AG is one of the global leaders in the Do-it-Yourself segment. Decades of hard work, untiring commitment and business foresight have paid off. A real Enabler!

Further information can be found on the website of Einhell Germany AG.